Irrigation Services

Irrigation is defined as an artificial application of water to soil. This is done to assist in the growth of plant life and vegetation while taking into account soil type and topography.

Soil preparation is important as soil cannot be nutritious and enable the growth of flowers if it is not watered. For this reason, irrigation is a vital aspect of your landscaped garden. Any Irrigation System should be designed to water your garden optimally – without missing any areas and leaving them dry.

There are numerous irrigation systems available on the market which include sprinkler systems, drip irrigation and hoses.

The sprinkler systems available include: the automatic sprinkler system, consisting of underground or above ground pipes with sprinkler heads; and the portable lawn sprinklers, which consists of a single larger sprinkler head connected to a normal hose pipe that needs to be moved manually around the garden to cover all areas.

Drip irrigation is the more expensive option that involves watering at a drip rate directly at the root level. This would be the most beneficial to, for example, vegetable gardens.

Hose pipes are then used for the standard inexpensive task of watering manually. Various accessories are now available to attach to hose pipes that will help in the watering process.

McG Landscaping offer unique and dynamic irrigation solutions to suit all garden designs that incorporate watering efficiency and reduce water wastage.

A tip for recycling water: collect the rain water from the gutters of your house to use when watering your garden.

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