Koi Ponds

Koi are, by definition, a drum shaped Japanese species of freshwater fish, closely related to the common carp. They are available in various colours, shapes and sizes.

As South Africa has the ideal climate for keeping Koi, its not surprising that this hobby is fast becoming popular. As a result, the demand for building Koi pondsĀ has increased and is being used as an interesting and relevant addition on the landscaping front.

A number of design considerations need to be take in to account when building Koi ponds including the following:


Koi ponds need to be built in a shady area due to the need for protection from direct sunlight. However, should trees provide the necessary shade, they need to be evergreen and shed as few leaves as possible. Dry leaves increase the pH level of the water and this is not ideal for the survival of the Koi.


The dimensions of the pond (width, height, depth) should be conducive to accommodating at least 5000 litres of water or more. This is also, however, dependent on the size and number of fish to be introduced into the pond.

Including aquatic plants that aid in oxygenation and the balancing of water nutrients, and pebbles that provide a breeding ground for bacteria, is advantageous.

Koi ponds as a rule require three forms of filtration systems: Mechanical, biological and UV or algae control filtration systems.

Once complete it is important to test water for neutral pH level as well as ensuring the water is filtered as many times as possible before introducing the Koi fish to the pond.

Building Koi fish ponds requires experienced professionals who are familiar with the requirements that these ponds need to adhere to, in order to keep Koi fish happy and healthy.

McG Landscaping offer specialized construction of Koi Ponds using previously gained experience and great preparation.

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