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We at McG Landscaping believe that your garden is your paradise and your escape from your busy lifestyle. That is why we work closely with you and contribute our time and effort to you and your garden landscaping needs.
With the help of our qualified and professional team of passionate landscapers you can transform your garden into a landscape haven. With the right advice and suggestions you will be able to enjoy the splendour of outdoor living. Our designers spend a lot of time and effort on your garden so that you get the garden landscaping of your dreams. Garden landscaping adds another dimension to your property. It awakens your garden with depth and space.

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We offer various services to completely transform your landscaping, including:

In order to create your ideal garden landscape, the beginning stages are the most important. The briefing and consultation give us a very good idea of the kind of landscape you have in mind for your garden. We do an in- depth and vital assessment of your property as well as your ideas so to produce the best possible results.

There are many themes, colours and combinations available for you, the client to consider before we get started on your landscaping masterpiece. It is recommended that before you contact us, you do extensive landscaping research so that you know exactly what it is you are looking for. This assists us in the long run, as we are able to complete your landscaped garden in a quicker time period.

“We are looking forward to welcoming you to the McG Landscaping family of satisfied clients and lovers of their own gardens.”

Soil substitution

Soil forms the basis of your garden. It determines the future growth and overall development of your garden in years to come. Excellent soil quality is a given in new garden designs, and is implemented wherever possible in garden upgrades.

We will replace the soil in flowerbeds, substituting it with Landscape Soil. This Landscape Soil is a mineral enriched mushroom compost topsoil mix. Any existing soil that remains will be used to level the lawn area.
We have been using this method for many years, with superb results. Remember, any money spent on proper soil preparation will save you money in years to come, as this method is a sustainable one.

Professional supervision

We pride ourselves in our hands-on, on-site supervision throughout the contract period.
A team effort between McG Landscaping and the client will result in the creation of your perfect garden landscape.

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