Garden Design

From tip to top, you have ensured that your home is exactly what you want. It is your haven and reflects who you and your family are. Shouldn’t your garden receive the same treatment? Gardens are after all considered by many to be the focal point of the home. At the end of the day, your property is your investment and enhancing it will only increase its value.

Your garden might already be one of the most attractive parts of your home or it might be an afterthought. Either way, playing around and having a look at garden design ideas will soon have you redesigning the look and feel of your outside space. Garden design and garden landscaping also help with a number of issues that houses in the suburbs often experience.

  • Lack of privacy
  • Need to create a windbreak
  • Drainage problems
  • Split level home
  • Garden eyesores

Garden design and garden landscaping solutions are certainly the best ways to make a space yours whilst eliminating problems. There are however some issues that one might run into whilst undergoing garden landscaping.

  • Rocky land and soil
  • Hilly land
  • Too much sun
  • Too much shade
  • Wet spots
  • Unfertile soil

McG Landscaping has years of experience, working on garden design and garden landscaping projects. Through combining creativity, architecture and a passion for being outdoors and transforming spaces, the garden landscaping team at McG Landscaping will combine your ideas with ours to create an absolute wonder to accompany your home.

A garden landscaping design solution is often thought of as merely planting a few trees and laying down new lawn. In fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. Elegant garden design brings together various elements, both natural and man- made.  Water features, lighting, wooden decking, koi ponds and even small buildings have the ability to create an outdoor space that will perfectly suit your taste and requirements.

We also offer garden landscaping design solutions to large businesses. Want a quote?

Recreate your outdoor living space by combining your vision with creative garden landscaping designs. We will assess your garden leaving only when we completely understand what you are looking for from your garden landscape solution. We will then create 3D designs so that you have a better understanding of our garden landscaping solution. Contact Martin on  083 414 6030 for all garden landscaping solution queries or make an enquiry here.

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