Garden lighting for your outdoor space

Garden lighting should not only be used to flaunt night time aesthetics within your private garden or within public landscapes. Garden lights may be installed decoratively as well as purposefully. Outdoor lighting is used for the enhancement and purposes of safety, accessibility and security.

Aesthetic appeal

Garden lighting improves entrance appeal, highlights trees, shrubs, porches, gables on houses and special architectural features such as Koi ponds or water displays.  Outdoor lighting can expand your outdoor living spaces. You can light a patio or porch and create different moods such as candlelight at night or soft moonlight.

The right lighting for your garden creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the exterior of your home and yard and provides ambience for your entire garden setting. Properly designed low voltage garden lights focus on a desired effect rather than just having a series of bright runway lights that look like a landing strip.

Safety and security

Garden lighting increases the safety and security of your home. Night time visitors can walk safely to your front door. Outdoor entertaining is much safer when guests can see the terrain. Automatically having lights with timers, sensors and remote controls ensures you will never come home to a dark and foreboding house. One of the best advantages of a garden lighting system is that it is a deterrent to burglars. It provides security without the glare and blinding effects of floodlights.

Expert design

MCG Landscaping can work with you to create the exact look you desire. If you don’t know what you want, we can offer expert advice based on our years of experience in design, installation and maintenance on garden lighting. Electricians will install lights, without much attention to aesthetics. MCG Landscaping expertly designs outdoor landscape lighting systems to enhance, secure and accent your property.

Creating the perfect garden requires time, effort and of course money. We ensure the turf is laid or grass seed thrown we also ensure that the surrounding area is taken care of: weeding, borders, plants, decking, patios, the list is endless and doesn’t stop until a masterpiece has been created. General maintenance is always a must to ensure a tip top garden. If all of this is done correctly, it can be a rewarding venture.

After all the time, effort and money you’ve put into designing your garden, why not light it up so you can enjoy it as much in the evenings as you do during the day? Garden lighting is the ideal finishing touch in completing the perfect garden landscape.

Would you like to show off your garden, even at night?  Speak to us today and transform your garden into a work of art made of lights.

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