Garden sprinkler system solutions and irrigation for landscaping

Having any type of garden requires maintenance. Part of this maintenance includes watering. Whether a vegetable garden, flower garden or trees and bushes, there are a wide variety of irrigation techniques that can be used.


Simple hand watering to automatic sprinkler systems; depending on the size, variety of plants, flowers and trees as well the owner’s time available, there are a number of irrigation choices available.

Hand watering is effective only if done religiously by the garden owner. This is the ideal technique for those with smaller gardens. However, ensuring that all of the soil is watered and that the water pressure does not affect the growth of plants is important.

Irrigation for landscape gardens

Landscaped gardens, like irrigation solution comes in many forms. In order for soil to be as nutritional as possible, watering is essential.

Sprinkler systems

Similarly to watering techniques, there are many sprinkler system varieties available. It is important that the sprinkler solution is ideal for the type and size of the garden.

  • Portable grass sprinklers
  • Automatic sprinkler system (above and below ground pipes)
  • Low pressure micro irrigation
  • Drip irrigation (ideal for vegetable gardens)

Soak hose technique

This technique should be used for large trees or shrubs only. By using a black, porous pipe, garden owners should lay the pipe at the base of the plant and allow the water to seep out of the hose. As larger plants and bushes may be more demanding of the soil with regards to water absorption, this technique is ideal.

Creating an incorporated sprinkler system into a landscape

Landscaped gardens offer much beauty and tranquillity. The more attention the soil and plants are given (with exceptions to certain plant types) the more rewarding the landscaped garden will be.

With sprinkler systems being a popular choice amongst many landscape garden owners, gardening is becoming easier than ever. It is always a good idea to incorporate a sprinkler system or irrigation solution whilst the landscape is being layed down.

Landscaping ideas are an endless array of fun. For keen gardeners looking at introducing new dimensions into their garden space, or those looking for an intelligent solution as a result of not having much time for gardening, there are options for everyone. Working with landscapers is often the best way to find the right solution for the garden, its size and the needs of the garden owner.

Finding the right irrigation or sprinkler system will certainly provide the convenience and maximum beauty that every garden owner wishes for.

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