Eco – friendly swimming pools brought to life through landscaping

There has been a lot of hype over the last few years with regards to being eco- friendly. This green movement can be seen almost everywhere today as companies and individuals do their bit to conserve the environment.

There are a number of different eco- friendly activities that have become a part of our lives on a daily basis.

Re- using plastic bags
Solar heated geysers
Being eco- friendly is something that is moving into many different facets of life. Eco- friendly pools are becoming a popular addition to many peoples’ gardens. These carefully designed features offer a relief on warm summer days and certainly are an attractive addition to any garden or landscape.

These eco- friendly pools need to be used in a sustainable way by owners so as to not lose water or waste electricity heating it up.

An eco- friendly swimming pool uses no chlorine or chemicals and is purified by the simple process that nature offers. Most Wetland pools use an array of water plants that keep water clean and clear as well as offer an attractive and inviting sight amongst garden plants or a landscape. The overall look of an eco- friendly pool is one of natural, clean water that one would find in the countryside.

Eco- friendly pools add to a landscape rather than disrupt a space and negatively affect the surrounding environment like a chlorine swimming pool does.

Although it may seem as though one has less control over the cleanliness of an eco friendly pool, there are various ways to keep it clean.

Waterfall- aerating water
Plants- process nutrients in water
UV sterilizer – rid the pool of germs
Skimmer- remove debris from the surface
Landscaping a garden can be a very exciting task. There are an endless option of materials, layouts, designs and ideas that can be incorporated to create a magical space within a garden. Different stones, plants and flowers can be added to enhance the organic feel of an eco- friendly swimming pool.

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