Low garden maintenance using water features

South Africa: the home of sunshine, has taught us to appreciate the outdoors. For those of us living in the city suburbs, we take full advantage of being in our gardens, no matter its size. However, often our chaotic lifestyles do not allow us the time to tend to our gardens on a constant basis.

Garden landscaping has become an extremely popular solution for those with limited time in their schedule. Having a low maintenance garden allows people to appreciate their outdoor space without having to worry about its upkeep on a daily basis. When we think “garden” we often consider plants, flowers and trees, however, one sure way to get that low maintenance garden is with the addition of water features.

Ideal for bare spaces within a garden and even better for those who wish to admire their garden space instead of maintain it, water features offer a number of benefits. Not only do water features create tranquility in a garden but they become a source of interest for many bird types.

Water features are often an extension of a garden but being the focal point offers a completely new dimension to any outdoor space. There are no limitations to the kind of material that can be used to form the water features, in fact the variety may introduce a fun or complimentary look. Slate, marble, stainless steel and even glass are a few of the materials used to create these structures. Depending on how elaborate garden owners want to get or how large the space is that they have to fill, water features can vary from single unites to those that feed into one another.

Gardens around South Africa are often the favored part of any home. Braai’s and other features, swimming and summer relaxation are the very reasons people spend so much time in their gardens. Water features not only offer low maintenance gardening but have the potential to transform unused garden space by bringing them to life through water movement and sounds.

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