Landscaping for small gardens; townhouse and complex spaces

With townhouse and complex living becoming the safer alternative for many couples and families all over South Africa, many people are turning to these smaller, more convenient living options. Many of these modern living spaces are attached to a small garden which many people may use as not much more than a simple grassy area.

The other kind of exterior decorating

Garden landscaping is often one of the most creative and attractive methods to use when wanting to transform small gardens into magical spaces. Small gardens in townhouse and complex spaces don’t often leave the home owner with much to work with. Landscaping however provides the opportunity to use the imagination and create new spaces from an existing one.

Landscaping involves more than just flowerbeds and manicured lawns. There are a number of different elements that landscaping involves, all allowing small gardens to be brought to life.

Small irrigation system
Jacuzzi area
For many people living in townhouses and complexes, it is important that their small gardens are low maintenance. Landscaping allows small gardens to look magnificent and for the owners to appreciate and enjoy them more than they spend on time maintaining them.

Creativity is key

Landscaping is not an easy task. It is for this reason than no matter the size of a garden, it is important to seek the assistance of professionals. MCG Landscaping is proud to be associated with experienced and talented landscapers who have an eye for the art of landscaping.

After winning a complex garden competition two years in a row, it is safe to say that the MCG Landscaping team knows the business.


Everybody has their own individual wants, needs and tastes. This is why MCG Landscaping will work closely with the home owner to ensure that the end result is not only the vision of the landscaper but most importantly of the home owner.

Small gardens need not be a dull area. It is important for people, especially those living in small townhouses or complexes to have some sort of a sanctuary. If a small garden has the potential to offer that, they why not?

For more information on landscaping for small gardens or to have a landscaper access your garden and brainstorm ideas with you, contact MCG Landscaping on 012 997 1408 or 083 414 6030


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