Landscaping Solutions and Services 

Garden landscaping solutions is what we specialise in and what we do best. It is essential that we have the site plan of your garden’s landscape as our designs are generated on a computer, and it enables us to plot the stand with the position of the house to scale. At McG Landscaping we take garden landscaping solutions to the next level by providing you with 3D designs for your viewing pleasureThis gives you a much better idea of how your final garden lanscape solution will translate into its outdoor space.

The designs for garden landscaping solutions come in three layers:

  • The first layer – The design including all big trees
  • The second layer – The large trees are removed from the image, thus enabling you to see the shrubs used
  • The third layer – The shrubs are removed from the image, revealing the groundcovers used

The final design is in full colour, with different icons to represent the various plant species in the design. These designs will enable you to visualise your new, landscaped garden.

We look forward to hearing from you – or even better, to meet you in person!

Let us work closely with you to find creative garden landscaping solutions that best suit your requirements and your unique outdoor space. Although a garden is primarily made up of vegetation and irrigation, we incorporate various other aspects that may add an extra element of interest or dimension into your outdoor space. Wooden decking is ideal for those who enjoy spending a lot of time outside or who often entertain guests. Garden lighting illuminates walkways and subtly draws flattering attention to certain aspects of a garden landscape. Allow us to adorn your garden with water featureskoi pondssmall building projects and paving.At the end of the day, the decision is yours.

Other garden landscaping services offered:

  • New garden design and installation
  • Garden Upgrades
  • Small garden related building contracts
  • Lawns
  • Sound plant advice and consultation

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