Water Features

A water feature, in terms of garden landscaping, consists of an inanimate object over which moving water is designed to flow. Water features may also contain still water, but in a decorative fashion as part of the garden design layout or indoor space. The sound of running water creates a tranquil, relaxing environment and is a natural point of interest.

Water features can be grouped into two categories, indoor and outdoor garden features and fountains. Not only do these attractive additions add an element of beauty to your garden landscape, they also offer a source of interest to birdlife when placed outside.

Indoor water features are usually stand alone elements that create a calming effect to your indoor space. Outdoor water features on the other hand are usually additions that garden owners work into an existing garden landscaped design. These can range from small trickles of water from an elevated source to something a bit bigger that compliments the greenery and lush colours that cover the garden.

Current trends in modern water feature design involve using custom built abstract forms as the main focal point. Once the base has been decided on, various materials such as bamboo, copper, granite, marble, sandstone, stainless steel, ceramics, slate, mosaics, fibre glass and pebbles are added to customise the design and make it unique to that particular garden area.

Types of water features available include:

  • Raised water features
  • Rock or pebble pools with multiple levels
  • Stand alone water features
  • Self contained water features
  • Water walls
  • Fountains

McG Landscaping will endeavour to include unique elements and create individual ambiance in every garden landscape through the use of varied and appropriate water features and fountains .To find out more please email us at martin@mcglandscaping.co.za or make an Enquiry.

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